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Do all the mats distinguishable features serve the same purpose?

The rubber mats which are made with the special kind of the natural rubber insulate and protect the workers from getting the abnormal shocks and the high voltage current as there are always great possibilities of the leakage of the current.

Sometimes we find that the customers are not that notified about all the products so to ensure that the delivery of all the products to be done within the specific time, easy online service totally comes into the action.


The very good quality of all the Electrical rubber mats manufactured and preferred by all the workers and the operators as they absolutely and impeccably insulate or protect all the workers as some of the interesting features are:

  • The manufacturers make sure that they have high tensile mechanical strength.
  • The thickness of these rubber mats totally range from 6mm to 25mm with a standard size of 1m X 2m
  • Since they are always in-house tested so the manufacturer’s test certificate is always provided along with the supply.

The rubber mats mainly range from three categories.

  • Cow rubber mats
  • Gym rubber mats
  • Fine ribbed rubber mats

Cow rubber mat- They are very much meant to be a great purpose for the flooring purposes around the cattle sheds as they are totally required to keep all the cows safe and comfortable.


They are also immensely hard and durable so they offer very great animal support.

Gym rubber mats- These durable and resilient rubber mats are very much required on floorings or yoga centers thereby assuring and enabling the safety of the environment.

Fine ribbed rubber mat- These rubber mats have total anti-slip and ribbed surface with a very high friction gripped cloth used in all the benches, walkways, floors, runners and lots of the loading areas.

These rubber mats are much preferred in all the areas because:

  • They are hygienic
  • They are very much economical
  • They are absolutely hard wearing
  • They have a total anti-slip covering

Do they fall under the category of the electrical safety mats?

The answer is emphatic yes! The insulation mats totally fall under the category of all the electrical safety products as these mats are totally used for covering the floors in areas of the high voltage applications for all the safety of the workers or the operators against the high voltage electric current as the leakage of the current is very much possible when they work near the electrical equipment.


So they do fall under the category of all the electrical safety mats as the main ambition of these mats is to insulate the workers and the operators from getting all sorts of electric current.

These mats are totally tested for their demonstration so they do not get damaged at all.

They are very much resistant to the tears with all of the proper measures. The tensile and the mechanical strength is just the same and totally prevents the workers from getting any kind of the mechanical shocks and the high voltage current.

The test certificate is thoroughly provided along with the supply of these mats and due to all the testing it has been totally found that the these mats absolutely display a value of the 200% which is huge in terms of the break while providing a great insulation for all kinds of the mats.

Let us learn the importance and the incorporation of the elastomer rubber. Let us first see the definition of the elastomer.

The elastomer is a very good polymer with excellent viscoelasticity and has weak intermolecular forces and high failure strain as compared with all the other materials.

The monomers which totally link to form the polymer with a compound of all kinds of elements where the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon are very much preferred.

So they totally are incorporated to all the mats thereby having a hard surface, and minimizing the wear and tear of all the surface.


Finally we come to the conclusion where we come to know that how these mattings are used at several places like switchboard, bus bars, control panel and many more and so they are often called the switchboard mattings which also serve the same ambition of guiding and protecting the workers. 

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