Make the safety of the workmen of paramount importance by purchasing electrical insulating mats.

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The manufacturers of the electrical insulating mats produces a premium brand for electrical insulating mat according to IS 5424:1969. The insulating mat is produced from premium quality rubber mat for electrical purpose. The electrical mats are highly recommended for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards. The rubber mats are highly economical and suitable for general use also. The use of the rubber mats are recommended according to the latest Indian Standard, that is, IS 15652:2006 for supreme electrical insulation.

The material utilized in the insulating rubber mat is produced out of natural rubber having proper electrical resistance and mechanical properties. The Insulating Rubber Mats are available from 6mm to 25mm thickness in standard sizes of 1M x 2m with Checkered or Fluted Design. The test certificate of the manufacturer is also provided along with the supply.


The area of application:

  • Close to HT/LT Control panels
  • Electrical substations
  • The transformers, generator and lift rooms
  • In front of the switchboards
  • Around the buss bars
  • Usage on Live equipment whether Outdoor/Indoor or On-site.

Let us take a look at some of the variations of the Insulating Mats.

Product Code: RM 001, Thickness: 6.0 mm (1/4”), Recommended Use or working voltage: 0.4 KV, AC Proof Voltage 15.0 KV, Di-electric Strength (Withstand Voltage) 40.0 KV, Approx. Weight per sqr mtr. is 10.0 Kgs.


For RM 002, the approx weight per Sqr Mtr. is 13.0 Kgs; Di-electric strength is 40.0 KV; AC Proof Voltage is 15.0 KV; Recommended Use or Working Voltage is 1.0 KV; Thickness is 8.0mm

Some of the interesting characteristics of the insulating mats is here:

  • Material Composition: The rubber compound is specialized and made up of high quality natural rubber free from any insertion.
  • Tensile Strength or T.S.: The tensile strength is 50 Kg/cm2 (min.)
  • Elongation at Break or (E.B.): The Elongation at Break or E.B. is 250 percent at minimum.
  • Leakage current: The Leakage current is 10 mA (maximum)
  • Water absorption: The water absorption is 4 percent (maximum)
  • Compression set: The compression set is 10 percent (maximum)
  • Ageing properties: The ageing properties are at 70 (plus or minus) degrees Celsius for 168 hours.
  • Working temperature: The working temperature is 0 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius.

Exclusive features of the insulation matting:

Availability of colors or Standard color: The Switchboard Matting is available in standard colors of Black (Red and other colors available on request subject to availability.)


Custom Design and Size: The maximum width of the insulation matting is upto 1000mm, the length is upto 2000mm and the thickness is available upto 50mm

How to order the insulation matting?

Kindly mention the following fields for ease of the suppliers:

  • The working voltage
  • The thickness, length and width
  • The color
  • The total quantity which is required.

The insulation mats are manufactured according to the AS/NZS 2978-1995 Standard which is set by the Joint Standards Australia/New Zealand Committee EL/4. The safety mats protect and insulate people from electrical equipment generated fatal shocks. The company offers all the types of electrical insulation matting’s which include switchboard mats for protection from electrical shocks.


There are two classes of matting’s available:

  • Class A (Thicker mats) are utilized for common purpose applications.
  • Class B (the mats which are light in weight) ones are utilized upon flat indoor surfaces.

Both types of the products have been built according to the AS/NZS 2978 Standard which is projected while protecting the personnel.

The circumstances involve the possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors whose voltage does not surpass 650 V a.c. r.m.s. (or d.c.), between the conductors or even between earth and conductors. The test certificate of the manufacturer is also provided along with the supply.

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