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Electrical safety mats- Preventing workplace Injury

Organizations that familiarize themselves with electrical works require safety measures.

Although now a day’s most of the equipment comes with a safety trigger, it is not enough.


Like a spark that can cause a fire outrage, a simple fissure in electrical wiring can cause fatality.

There are no limits to safety hazards; however, there are ways to control it.

Insulating rubber mats are a prime asset to such measurement.

Some of the common ways that a person can get electrocuted involves,

  • Direct contact with an electrical medium.
  • Indirect contact with an electrical medium.
  • Arcing caused due to faulty equipment.
  • Electrical explosions caused due to faulty appliances.
  • Physical harm like burns caused due to exposed electrical assets.
  • Release of harmful toxins due to circuit failures
  • A fire caused due to faulty wirings.

So you see, there are many ways that an individual can get electrocuted or face serious injury.


Insulating rubber mats are manufactured specifically to prevent such disaster, big or small.

Most women and men who work in an exposed electrical field need proper insulation.


The electrical safety mats is a useful application for that.

Some of the common areas where the application of insulating mats is most required are

  • Engineering sites
  • Utility companies
  • Construction areas.

Additionally, the electrical mats are a good recommendation when used in mining, munitions, and heavy machinery.


The insulating mats are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology for quality performance.

This makes them the ideal choice for use near high voltage indoor and outdoor locations.


These rubber mats are developed for global performance through:

  • Test for anti-slip matting
  • Standard specification testing.
  • Low-temperature folding test
  • Component plastic testing such as flame rating, arcing resistance, and relative thermal index.
  • Chemical compatibility test
  • Full thermal aging test.

The tests make sure that the mats perform optimally against any potential voltaic threats.


Similarly, the performance of the mats depends on the area of the application.

It is most useful when used near or around substantial electrical interference, such as,

  • Near switchboards
  • Near LT and HT panels
  • Near electrical panels
  • Near control rooms
  • Near High voltage panels
  • Near power transmission rooms
  • Near machine control rooms

Interestingly what makes the rubber mats so useful is its unique physical and chemical compatibility.


During the manufacturing process, the insulating mats are produced from an excellent blend of synthetic polymers.

This production value for such synthesis is cheap and reliable.

The synthetic polymers have high dielectric properties that bind the electron within its molecular structure.


The binding energy is so intense of the atoms that the electron cannot be shared with its neighboring atoms.

This stops the excessive flow of electrons until it gradually comes to a stop.

This makes the insulation mats an ideal choice in safekeeping electrical imbalance.


The insulation mats keep excessive electricity from discharging into the surface and saving lives in the process.

The mats also show unique peculiarities that contribute to its ideal characteristics, such as

  • Its high electrical resistivity. The high dielectric properties contribute to such significant behavior of the mat. Because of the active molecular structure of rubber, the electrons are forced into a sudden halt within the surface of the carpet. This constricts the excessive flow of electricity that promotes a safe working environment.
  • The mats have high abrasive properties. The mats can withstand heavy machinery that works by scratching away the surface of the materials. The abrasiveness of the carpet does not have any effect on its physical or chemical properties. This unique property of the mat helps when used in the high load-bearing environment.
  • The insulating mats can operate under high-temperature conditions without losing its chemical or mechanical capabilities. It is highly influential when working in an outdoor environment that exhibits harsh temperatures. The mats are significant as it performs optimally in saving lives during accidental electrocution.
  • The mats come with an Anti-skid surface that helps in preventing workplace injury. In the presence of an accidental spill that raises the probability of slippage, the anti-skid surface reduces just expectations making it a safe surface to walk about. The surface texture of the mats also decreases foot injury as the softness of the carpet contributes to putting less pressure on the knee or ankle.
  • The insulating mats also show high resistivity towards oil, acid, and alkalis. That mats do not decompose to any chemical solutions, unlike other organic compounds that do. The rugs remain chemically inactive and reduce workplace accidents by absorbing and filtering any greasy solvents. Due to its chemical inertness, the mats show no reaction when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Electrical safety mats are flame retardant. It does not catch fire that easily. Even if it does, it does not decompose any harmful chemicals in the environments keeping the air breathable during hazardous conditions.
  • The mats can be cut, designed, and fitted into any desirable space. It is easily manageable and maintained without any supervision.

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