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Get Suitable Results By Using The Insulating And Rubber Mats

For ages, environmentalists have blacklisted the non – biodegradable process. Often for making the insulating mat, the manufacturers reuse the new tires and other products.

What The Mats Provide

The mats will provide a comfortable footing caused by tracking in dirt and eradicate the wet floors. One can recess the mats and mount them on the surface.


Properties Of Mats

There are specific properties of the insulated mats, which are denoted below.

  • Shockproof

Mats are durable and shockproof.

  • Easy Cleaning

Users can do the maintenance of the mats effortlessly.

  • Act As Personal Protective Equipment

Mats act PPE for electrical shocks.

  • Available in various varieties

The aesthetic appeal, the electrical mats are available in beautiful colors and designs.


Developed By Maintaining Latest Standard

To cover the control panels and flooring, one can use the electrical mats. While manufacturing the mats, the manufacturers keep in mind the latest standard, which is 15662: 2006. These mats have high voltage.


Due to the possibility of the leakage of the currents, workers may install the electrical mats. With the help of the electrical mats, the owners can maintain the safety of the workers. The manufacturers manufacture the mats with the help of elastomeric compounds, rubber, and latex.

High-Class Benefits

There are some of the added benefits, which are denoted below:

  • Insulation From Electricity

The insulated mats show electrical insulation measuring 160 mA/m2.

  • Resistance To Tear

The insulated mats show good resistance property measuring 18 N/ mm.

  • Elongation At Break

At the minimum range, the elongation at break has a value of two hundred percent.


Often the insulated mats are manufactured as per AS/ NZS 2978- 1195 standard. There are two different kinds of matting, which are manufactured by manufacturers.

  • Class B mats for indoor use is considered to be lighter.
  • For the common purpose, the thicker mats of class A is used.

For the application for electrical purposes, one can use high voltage insulating mats. For the safety of the workmen, these high voltage mats are rated very highly by the customers. According to the Indian Standard, the manufacturers manufacture the mats.


Reasons To Use The Mats?

Safety: The insulated mats provide solid security, to any electrical circumstances. One may find the mats in size and style.


Comfort: By using these mats, users can get incredible benefits. The workers can get assured that they are not going to face any hazards from the electrical equipment.

It is necessary that users need to buy suitably insulated mats to make the workplace more secure than before. If one likes several end-users of insulating in the business establishment, one should understand the benefits of the product.


Buying The Mats Blindfolded

It is vital to know the features and benefits of the insulated mats before buying, as users don’t have to buy the products blindfolded. The users need to check every aspect of the mats, before buying them.


Applications Of The Mats

There are some of the applications of the insulated rubber mats, which one needs to check before buying the mats.


Near HT and LT Control Panels

One can insulate the rubber mats for electrical purpose, on the flooring of LT and HT control panels. While the HT refers to the High Tension Control Panels, as the voltage involved as high as 66 kV, 11 kV, and 6.6 KV, etc.


In Front Of Any Switchboard

The rubber mats are installed in front of electrical switchboards while keeping the workers safe and secured. The switchboard is used for directing electricity, which is done from one even more of supply towards numerous similar usage regions.


There are many benefits of rubber mats for the client. The rubber mats are used for a wide range of various companies. The rubber mats are used at the base of the working areas while making the electrical floor proof as well.

The rubber mats also remove raw material from the landfills, for making a world a better place. One can have the option of choosing the rubber mats for the electrical units. There are other types of mats, which users can also use.


There are multiple types of rubber mats, which the users can buy for the safety of the workers. The rubber mats provide a comfortable standing for the employees.

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