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How The Electrical Mats Are Dominating The Industries?

For the total safety of the workmen from the shocks, one needs to install electrical insulating mats. Often people can face electrical shocks, as they are working around the power electrical device rooms, substations, and high voltage panels.

For a human being, safety action from electric currents can come due to inborn reflexes. But often the innate reflexes can sometimes fail, under certain circumstances. Hence, when they are working near the distribution, transmission, and electricity generation room, they need the mats.


There are various types of mats, but often the users prefer to use specific electrical mats which can give them proper safety.

Approval Of The Mats

Within the year 2007, manufacturers have introduced the IS 15652 mats which supersede IS 5424/69. To maintain the safety parameters, the manufacturers have used the technical advancement to develop the mats.


These mats can ensure complete safety when the users are working in the live electronic equipment, and DC or AC current. This equipment can often discharge accidental current.


The mats are applicable in various sectors:

· In front of the switchboard

· Near The LT and HT management panels

· Indoor and outdoor equipment

· Around the buss – bars

Material Composition

The manufacturers make the mats with a mixture of artificial and rubber polymers.


Salient Features

· Every mat is stamped and tested

· Endures voltages up to 65 kV and 240 V DC

· The electrical resistance is up to 1494000 Mega Ohm.

· The mats have tensile strength and high elongation.

· Due to foot traffic and trolley movement, there is no breakage or tear.

· Can self-extinguish within five seconds

· One can paste the mats easily on floors.

· Moisture and waterproof

· Approved by Generalized Standard


There is no worry of maintenance when it comes to insulating mats for electrical purpose. These mats are mainly used for the high electrical power unit. These mats need minimal service, along with the minimum need for minimum maintenance.


There are other mechanical properties and high tensile strength for the mats. For increasing the performance of the mats, the mats need cleaning up for a time to time. For the purpose, there are many cleaning solutions available in the market.

Oil Resistant

There will be no decline in the performance of the mats in the presence of oil, as the mats are oil-resistant.



For many years, the mats are durable in nature and can provide good service without any decay. As the performance graph goes down very slowly, the expected life span for the mats can lay between eight to ten years.



As the mats are available in reasonable rates, these mats are very cheap. There is no massive investment in the installation.


How These Mats Are Beneficial To Others

Due to its long life and cost, the insulation mats are the first choice of the industrial area. These mats can provide better safety, as compared to rubber mats. At an affordable price, these mats are available.


While the rubber mats have a lesser lifetime, the insulation mats have a life span. For cleaning, these mats are easy to clean than the rubber mats. One can surely clean the mats by vacuum-cleaning or mop. The mats are stress-free to install, and often an amateur can install the mats.

Some Of The Other Differences

Due to the versatile nature of the mats, one will surely like the mats. While there are chances of slip and danger when the surface is wet for rubber mats, there are no such problems with the insulating mats. These insulating mats are waterproof in nature.


There are no issues with insulating mats when it catches fire. Often the rubber mats can give a burning look when such things happen. Hence it is often better to switch to the electrical insulation mats, which can be very handy under numerous circumstances.

Durability And Appearance

These two mats are quite similar when it comes to durability and appearance. Under IS 15652: 2006, manufacturers produce these mats. Hence the standard for the users is maintained.


One needs to contact the best manufacturers so that one can get the best electrical mats. At least price, they are ideal and can serve the purpose successfully. Hence, when it comes to choosing the mats, one needs to select and choose the mats in a wise manner.

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