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How The Insulating Mats Can Provide The Best Results For Industry

For safeguarding workers against electrical shocks, electrical insulation mats provide a unique solution. These mats are used in LT and HT control panels, transformer room and substations, battery rooms electrical switch rooms for the DC and AC installations and generator set rooms.

On the top layer, to detect the damage, the patented dual layer technology of the mats work very well. It helps the users to access, where the mats are required to be replaced or not.


Why Are Anti-Fatigue Mats Required?

It can be very uncomfortable in the short term, in a prolonged way, and on a regular basis to stand on hard floors and work. There can be the development of circulatory and musculoskeletal disorders if one stands on the hard floor and work for a prolonged time.


Blood can get concentrated in the feet, causing fatigue and pain, when one stands in a static position. There can be pain in the legs, feet, and neck. This pain can become acute, very acute, and worsen over time.

While cushioning the impact of standing on the hard floors, the electrical insulation mats are designed. For the healthier circulation, the feet need to move subtly and adapt to the cushion surface, which helps to push blood back up. While combating the severe problems of MSD- related conditions and other accidents at the workplace, the mats are used in the industrial units.


Factors To Consider

Slip Resistance

While providing dual benefits, some of the mats have slip-resistant surfaces. In dry or wet conditions, information relating to its slip resistance is provided when these mats come to the users. For slip resistance in dry conditions, a mat has a solid surface as it is only suitable for industries.


Surface Type

Across the range, surface types and styles vary. Where there is no water, stable surface mats are more suited to dry environments. Rather than falling through the mat, no debris rests on the mat surface. For swarf prone areas or liquid spillage, open hole designs provide the drainage. In dry or wet environments, they are used.


Turning On The Mats

The electrical rubber mats can perform better with a dual layer material construction if one’s standing operatives are regularly turning on one place.



The mats are available in various forms such as

• Rolls- For production lines, the longer length of matting is ideal.

• Individual single mats for workstations

• Interlocking – For more unusual shaped or larger areas, these mats form connectable modules.


Environment In Which These Mats Are Used

While some of the rubber mats can be used for both dry and wet areas, some of the mats are only suited to the dry areas. While being resilient in nature, these mats can prevent the spillage of specific materials such as oils or chemicals.


For various purposes, electrical rubber mats can be utilized. For the workstations and panels, these mats are a perfect choice. These mats are not only used in heavy industries but also being used in the electrical units, control panels, in front of switchboards, around buss bars, in front of switchboards and power transmission rooms.

These mats are being perfect for the factory workstations, as it can prevent the falling and slippage in the workstations. For the factory, rubbers mats offer incredible insurance. There will be dirt that will stay on these mats, and one can have a smooth walk on the mats.


There will be no scratches on the mats, and these mats suffer from less wear and tear at the same time. The individuals who need to stand for an extended period of time feel safe while standing and working on those mats.


For industry use, these mats are very comfortable. These insulation mats act as a cushion to limit its impact if the working surface is a hard one. There is a reduction of fatigue, as these mats are comfortable. For long hours, these mats are like a blessing in disguise.



With the insulation mats, one needs to be eco- friendly. The manufacturers specialize in offering environmental and recycled mats, which can eco-friendly. For the customers, the company has given a smart choice.


While enabling the people to walk on it freely, rubber floors are non- slippery and hence adds a safety quotient. For the flexible and smooth walking, these mats are used.

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