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How The insulted Mats Provide Great Safety To The Workers

To safeguard the workers against electric shocks across transformer rooms, substations, electrical switch rooms for AC and DC installation, generator set rooms and battery rooms, insulating mats provide a unique solution.

As one detect the dual layer technology enables easy detection on the top layer, it helps the user to detect that whether one should replace the mats or not.



On a smooth floor properly which is only possible when appropriate measures are taken to ensure proper placement of mats by a well-equipped and skilled team, the mats look the best.


Requirements And Conditions

Free of stains, the subfloor should be smooth, rigid and flat. The floor should not be contaminated in nature. To bring evening, one should use latex self- levelling compound if there is unevenness. The manufacturers recommend a skin of ardex feather that will provide the surface with a smooth finish, for efficient fixing and benefit.


The team recommends you uninstall at previous floor covering and then use the ardex feather for smoothing, for placement on the wooden surface. When tested with a hygrometer, for the concrete floor the moisture level should not exceed 75% RH.

Drying can take up to 4 months if the placement of the mats is done on the new concrete. Before 48 hours before installation, one needs to ensure that the insulation mats are stored in ambient temperature.


Steps To Be Followed For Installation

For fixing the mats, the manufacturers will use certified equipment and is constantly trained on the fixing of the mats. So the product characteristics have not compromised any stage, the experts ensure the fixing is done in a proper way.


The experts recommend the following steps, in case one is fixing the insulation mats on their own.

• Adhesive – For fixing the mats, the experts suggest the use of the SR 998 or SR 505. As it may compromise the product characteristic, hence it is advised not to use any other adhesive.


• Preparation Of SUB Floor – The subfloor should be properly cleaned and should be kept dry without any moisture and free from cracks, as the subfloor is the most important part of the process.

• Cracks – With perfect material that does not cause any obstruction of fixing the insulation mats, cracks must be filled properly.


• Dryness: The manufacturers apply a special coat of waterproofing that also safeguards the mats from any damage, to guarantee the dryness.

• Even Surface: Using the cement based screeds, even surface is very important.

• Adhesion – To guarantee the bonding the mat and floor are effective, one needs to apply a special coat of SR998 or SR 505 on back of the mat and surface, after the surface is fully dry.


• Placement Of The Mats: In a linear direction, one needs to start pasting the mats, after the adhesive is pasted properly.

For the electrical plant, it is very important to select the right type of insulated rubber mats. To select the best, one needs to have a wide knowledge of the mats. At the workplace, one needs to select the right type of mats which will boost productivity, ensure safety and cost-cutting at a workplace.


In an electrical plant, as all the workers work around electrical units, hence installation of the insulated rubber mats is essential for all the plants. Hence, in one word, it is the responsibility of the mats to keep the workers safe in the electrical units.

There can be the development of certain questions, which can come to the buyer’s mind if one buying the mats. One needs to come to the right place if one needs to buy the right mat. Along with control panels, these mats cover the floor bow. To guarantee the safety of the workers, these mats play a vital role. These mats are resistant against alkali acid and oils.


These mats have high tensile strength and have a property to control and plate based installation. For the workplace, where there are huge electrical units, the mats act a safety measure. For economical and general use, these mats are made.

These mats are designed as per industry standards and are available with various thickness and designs. These mats are placed in around the bus bars, switchboards and lift rooms. The mats can be handy for any situation and one can surely buy them for larger scale use.

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