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Insulation Mats: Contributing to the safety of Industrial Hazard

An electrical insulation system is an array of materials of specific chemical properties to be used at a specified maximum temperature. The electrical insulation system plays a crucial role in guarding product and personnel safety and operating at a global standard.

Insulated Rubber Mats is a critical element of the electrical insulation system.

Insulation Mats play a significant role in contributing to the safety of improper insulation material or faulty wirings that can result in severe injuries or even death! Proper Insulation ensures workplace safety against accidental high voltage electrocution.


Manufacturers produce insulating mats following specific industrial guidelines that adhere to the international as well as national standards of the country. Electrical insulation mats are used for different electrical purposes that have broad-spectrum applications in

  • Several Power Plants,
  • Transmissions Rooms,
  • Generator Lab,
  • HT and LT panels,
  • High voltage substations and many more.

Based on the criteria and guidelines of the organizations, there are no limitations to the use of electrical safety mats.


Testing of Insulation Mats

Typically, when manufacturing such a product, engineers choose electrical insulation materials or EIMs based on their relative thermal index value. However, there are other ways for insulating mats to get recognition if the EIS is not pre-approved such as:

  • Component plastic testing such as Flame rating, arcing resistance, relative thermal index.
  • Chemical compatibility test.
  • Full thermal aging test.

This is a common testing standard for most insulating materials and may vary from one country to the next.


Features of Insulating Mats:

Insulation mats are manufactured from a perfect mix of synthetic polymers. Due to their tight binding of electrons in their atoms, the electrical discharge is restricted, impeding the flow of current within the surface. The particles in the rubber molecule are tightly bound, and without external stimuli breaking the electrons apart is tough. The tightly bound electrons cannot be shared with its neighboring atoms, which cause the particles to slow down and eventually become static. This is the primary goal of the insulating mats, keeping electricity bound within the material.


The dielectric and the electrical resistivity of the insulation mats make it the ideal choice for organizational purposes.

Insulation mats are most effective when grounded to earth in an electrical outlet. The insulating mats need to discharge at a lower rate, having a resistor when grounding the insulating mats is highly recommended.


Characteristics of Insulating Mats:

Insulating Mats have become, over the decades, one of the vital industrial equipment for its Mechanical and chemical attributes. Insulating mats posses’ unique properties that are work and cost-effective, such as:

  • Insulating mats have high electrical resistivity. The Di-electric property of insulation mats stops any flow of electron within the surface, making it safe for worksite inquiry.
  • Insulating mats have high abrasion resistivity. The mats can support high workloads and still maintain their mechanical properties that can last for decades.
  • Insulation mats are slip-resistant. The workers can work on the surface without fear of slipping on water or other liquid solution. Insulation mats help in reducing workplace hazards and increase personnel safety.
  • Insulating Mats have high-temperature durability. Even at extreme temperatures, both warm and cold, the mats can operate efficiently. 
  • Insulating Mats have high acid, alkali, and oil resistivity.
  • Electrical mats are high flame retardant that prevents fires from spreading or starting giving enough time for the personnel to escape. 
  • Electrical Insulating mats can be easily cleaned and maintained. Just a simple hose down can clean the rug instantly. This cleaning does not require adult supervision.
  • Insulating mats are chemically inert and stop any decomposition of chemical compounds in the environment. It helps in keeping the earth and the people healthy from any unwanted diseases.
  • Insulating mats are easily installed. The mats can be cut into the specific design and pasted to the floor. The carpets are adaptive to the space of flooring.
  • Electrical mats are cost-effective. If there was a previous assumption that mats are expensive to bear, that is not true. The cost of the mats depends on the quantity and the area of footing it is required to cover. Organizations can reduce costs by planning an effective strategy when buying electrical mats.

The present-day market availability of insulation mats includes an extensive range in different designs and specifications.

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