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Insulation Mats – Explore The Reasons Of The Requirement Growth In Industrial Sectors

Insulation mats are placed near industrial materials for security and safety purpose. Basically, these mats are used for electrical purposes. The main requirement is to protect workers from electric shock when working on electrical appliances

Nowadays insulation mats are one of the essential need of the safety tool in today’s corporate sectors. As we know “safety first” matters most because without safety there is no guarantee to move on. Therefore, for your safety, it is better not to compromise with safety. But going to further we have to know about the concepts about electrical hazards and safety.


What Is Electricity Hazard?

First of all, an electrical hazard is a dangerous condition where a worker can make electrical contact with an energized conductor. Though static electricity is one of the accumulation of charge on surfaces as a result of contact and friction with another surface.


Electrical insulation mats are manufactured as per the latest Indian Standard. Insulating mats are used for the safety of workers while installing and operating electrical equipment because of the possibility of leakage of current.

What Is Electrical Safety?

While electrical hazards can cause unawkward accidents like – burns, shocks, and electrocution (death). Electrical safety denotes the prevention of burns, shocks, and electrocution.


The Characteristics & Values At A Glance

Characteristics Values

Electrical Insulation- 160 mA/m2 (max.)

Tear Resistance- 18 N/mm (min.)

Tensile Strength (T.S.) -5.0 MPa (min.)

Elongation at Break (E.B.)-200% (min.)

The Industrial Safety Tips For Those Who Works In The Industry

Workplace Safety

  • Preventing Workplace Hazards
  • Stay Alert
  • Check Cords & Connections
  • Power Tools
  • Use Safety Gear

Fire Safety

  • Use & maintain wiring tools and equipment correctly
  • Keep everything oil and dust free
  • Try to avoid that equipment that can cause mild shocks
  • Never use electrical equipment when flammable gases, vapors, liquids, dust or fiber are present

Basically professional electrical & rubber sheet suppliers offering a huge range of industrial products like switchboard matting and related services encompassing Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Safety, and Material handling applications.

The insulation switchboard matting is manufactured as per the AS/NZS 2978:1995 standard set by the Joint Standards Australia/New Zealand Committee El/4.


The function of these safety matting is to insulate and protect from mortal shocks generated by electrical equipment.

So, the thing is if you want to buy all types of electrical insulating matting including switchboard matting to protect from electrical shock, choose the right one.


The Application Area Are As Follows:

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • Electrical Substations
  • In front of Switchboards
  • Around Buss Bars
  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • Indoor/Outdoor On-site use on Live Equipment

Benefits Of Taking Insulating Mats From A Professional Industry

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Good Product Quality
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure
  • Outstanding Technology

How Insulating Mat Can Help Workers?

Insulating mats are generally, used for the safety of workers while installing and operating electrical equipment because of the possibility of the leakage of the current.


Basically, the insulated rubber mats are recommended for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards.

These electrical insulating mats are highly economical and suitable for general use also.


Before You Buy Check These:

  • Class
  • Working Voltage
  • Thickness
  • Length & Width
  • Colour
  • Total Quantity

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