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Know The Actual Benefits Of Electrical Mats In A Broad Way

These days, there are various types of flooring options that are available. Across all the commercial spaces, there are uses of insulated rubber mats as are the most popular and reliable products.

Before making a choice and make a complete choice, one needs to look at the benefits of the rubber mats which will give the users a better worth.



It is critical to make sure that there is some of good amount of cushioning on the floor, for all those industrial areas where the employees have to work on hard surface. While these mats don’t create any kind of pressure on the bones, these rubber mats are slip-resistant and anti-fatigue.


Security and Safety

For the people who are walking in generator rooms, or in front of electrical panels, the rubber mats will provide the kind of needed safety. The rubber mats are designed in such away.


Based on the protection in the work premises, and necessary level of safety there are various types of insulated mats which one can choose. There are multiples types of insulated mats, which are available with the manufacturers.

Long Life

The users will do a onetime investment, for the mats. One can stay assured that they won’t keep on providing the necessary support for a very long time, once users get the rubber mats installed.



These rubber mats have proved to be highly cost-effective and made out of the special rubber, in most of the cases. These rubber mats have proved to be cheaper in comparison to the other related options and keep the pocket light, as it is one of the best options for flooring solutions.


It adds an additional advantage, since users don’t need to install the mats by the use of adhesive.


With the features like oil and grease resistant, and acid-proof, these rubber mats can be used in all across the industry. If there is strict working conditions, then it is necessary to use the best rubber mats. One needs to keep the things in mind, before buying the insulated mats.


Application Of The Insulated Mats

One can use the insulating mats for electrical purpose, for the several areas which are denoted below.


Near The LT and HT Control Panels

On the flooring near the HT and LT control panels, one can install the mats. While the low tension control panels involve voltages as 415 V, the high tension control panels involve voltages 33 KV, 11 KV 6.6 KV etc. There can be possibility of leakage of currents, and generation of electrical shocks, and hence one can install the mats.


In front of Switchboard

By being installed over it, one needs to remember that the mats should be installed in front of electrical switchboard. The switchboard is responsible for directing the supply of the electricity towards numerous smaller usage regions and hence, there can be possibility of leakage of currents. Therefore the insulated mats will minimize the leakage.


At Sensitive Machine Rooms

For the rooms, which deal with the electrical sensitive machines it is necessary to install the insulated mats. In that room, there can a number of machines like generators and transformers. Within such machines, there is involvement of a number of wires. Therefore, there is a huge possibility of leakage of currents.


It can be very risky for the workers and at the same time, it can surely provide electrical shocks for the workers.

In Electrical Substations

For the electrical substations, which include transmission, generation and distribution of electricity, one can the insulated mats for safety purpose. Within these establishments, these mats can insulate the personal from the potential voltage outflow.


The manufacturers keep the IS 15652: 20006 in mind when they are manufacturing electrical insulating mats. It is necessary to learn the increasing benefits of the usage value of the mats, once the users buy and start to use them.

These mats are known for the protection of the people from the electrical shocks, and high voltage currents, as the electrical mats are non- conductive in nature. These mats can guarantee a long life and can provide waterproof and moisture-proof at the same time.


With all such critical and advantageous aspects, it is essential to know about the essential benefits of insulated mats for various aspects in a broader way.

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