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Learn Why High Voltage Insulating Mats Is Crucial For Your Business?

Generally, high voltage insulating mats have the most priority in a company where workers work with electrical appliances. These insulated rubber mats are highly economical and also suitable for general usage. These mats are basically used to cover the floor below the control panels.

High voltage insulating mats are mainly used for the safety of the workers while installing and operating electrical equipment due to the possibility of leakage of current. All these insulating mats are available in different formats – 2mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm thickness depending upon the working voltage.


All the electrical insulating mats are produced and manufactured using elastomer containing, latex, rubber, and elastomeric compounds that might be natural, synthetic or mixture of both all along with the smooth lower surface.

These insulating mats are properly suitable for general use also. The material used in the insulating mat is made out of good electrical resistance and mechanical properties.


Features Of High-Voltage Electrical Insulating Mats

  • In compliance with IS 15652:2006
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to acids, transformer oil, and alkalis
  • Easy to paste and install
  • High tensile strength
  • Water & moisture proof
  • Compatible with Ac and DC electrical installations
  • Excellent expansion properties
  • No use of metallic products

How Rubber Mats Are Use For Electrical Purpose?

Mainly, an insulator has the power to limit the transfer of heat and electricity. Electrical rubber mats are mainly recommended for the safety of the workmen against electrical hazards.


These electrical rubber mats are highly suitable for general use as the material is used as an insulating rubber mats, made out of natural rubber having good electrical resistance.

Quality features one must not skip:

Good tensile strength

Optimum material composition

Apt working temperature

Apt compression

The common features of electrical rubber mats

Near HT/LT Control Panels

In front of Switchboards

Electrical Substations

Around Buss Bars

Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms

Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment

Why Rubber Mats Are So Popular?

Rubber mats are highly recommended for the safety of workmen against electrical hazards and are suitable for general use also.


Easy SetUp

Insulating rubber mats are easy to install and set it up. It takes less time and also convenient to use.


Safety First

Workers are protected against electrical hazards which can cause severe health issues or even death.


Multi Colour

It is available in different colors to protect you.

Easy Clean

These mats are easy to clean while dusting stuck, and easily come off after a wash.


Cool Pricing

Insulated rubber mats can be used for a long time. These rubber mats are super durable and trusted with the same mat for a long time.


Highly Flexible

All these insulated rubber mats are super durable and highly flexible and can be installed anywhere to keep the area shockproof.


Safety mats play a vital role as it prevents shock while working on live equipment. Those who are looking for safety mats for electrical insulating purposes as per both the latest Indian and International Standards.

Safety mats supply includes:

Insulating mats as per IS 15652:2006

Insulating mats as per IEC 61111: 2009

Insulating mats as per ASTM D 178

Rubber Mats as per IS 5424:1969


Safety mats are easy to install and are designed to protect operators from electrical shocks.

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