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Learning about Insulating mats.

A certified organization supplying a broad range of high voltage insulating mats are one of the best shock-proof mats which are tested in-house in adhering to the both Indian and international standards.

The mats are long lasting electrical rubber mats which are generally made to provide protection to the operators from getting electrical shocks.


Their in-house testing gives assurance to the fact that the products are of great quality which match both the domestic and international standards.

Let us learn about the electrical rubber mats in detail:

  • Insulation matsshould be handled with care as the workers repeatedly work with the electrical appliances.

The company must ensure that the workers working with the insulation mats or electrical rubber mats do not meet any kind of shock by choosing the high voltage insulating mats.

  • · Insulating mats like electrical rubber mats are generally kept near the manufacturing or industrial materials to protect form the electrical shocks for the security of the workers and the operators.

When there is a flow of current from earth to the ground the rubber mats provide protection against contact of the earth.

  • The high voltage insulating mats play an important role in preventing shocks and danger and ensuring safety in households or workplaces.

They are efficient because of the following reasons:

1. Non-conductivity

2. Tensile strength

3. Durability

4. Resistance to shock

5. Covered with conduct pipes.

  • Electrical Rubber mats and insulation mats are made of standard quality rubber which are totally the non-conductors of electricity.

The products falling to their category are certified and they abide by the government rules and regulations of maintaining and monitoring electrical safety to the people.

  • Sufficient and proper knowledge are required in order to ensure the safety and proper protection of electrical appliances so the people who are working for it are thoroughly experienced and trained to work every hour in order to guarantee the safety.

A short circuit can damage the environment and surroundings and also cause serious injuries to the people. In order to protect the people from shocks different safety equipment are designed one of them known as insulating mats.

Let us have a look on the following properties of these safety mats:

1. They are made of high quality rubber and synthetic insulating polymers thereby making itself a non-conductor of electricity.


2. Resistance to several liquids like acid and alkali helps them have a safety feature and a protection against the shock

3. The strength of the insulating mats is generally high

4. They are easily affordable.

The high voltage insulating mats are highly resistant to electricity as mentioned in the above points and due to its non-conductivity the mats provide protection from the fatal shocks.


They are waterproof so the long functional life while using the high voltage insulating mats is guaranteed at its peak.

Let’s find out the application area where the high voltage insulating mats are placed. They are as follows:

  • Near switchboards.
  • Generators and transformers.
  • Near control panels

The insulating properties of the rubber is maintained andessentially linked to the joining of the compound.


It’s thickness ranges from 3.2mm to 12.7mm which depends on the usage of the voltage resistance with smooth textured service hence making the object shock proof and safe to the workers who are working with the high voltage insulating mats.

Why should one go for insulating mats and rubber mats?

  • First of all it is highly assessed to risk as the workers work with nearly 230 volts or even sometimes more than that.
  • Electrical mats provide great security and ensures 100% safety to the workers and the electrical operators acquiring the product or working with a very high voltage of electricity.
  • It also helps to increase the productivity.
  • In many industrial places electrocution becomes one of the common problems due to usage of short circuit and over-usage of electric power supply. To make the common problems uncommon or nearly stopping it, high voltage insulating mats and electrical rubber mats.

Also there are mats which are anti-stating which acts as a double purpose or double role of providing the protection to the workers and also the electrical operators, thereby giving the answer that why should one go for insulation mats.

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