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Looking for Insulation Mats and Rubber Mats? Here’s the answer for all the needs.

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Electrical Insulating Mats are utilized to cover the flooring below the control panels. The Insulating Mats have high voltage. The mats are manufactured keeping the latest Indian Standard, i.e IS 15652:2006 in mind. Workers might install or operate electrical equipment due to the possibility of leakage of current. The safety of the workers is ensured with the help of the Electrical Insulation mats. Elastomer is latex, rubber, and elastomeric compounds which can be natural, synthetic, or a mixture of both.


Duratuf is a certified organization according to ISO 9001:2015. The widest range of safety mats is presented here. The electrical mats conform to the respective standards as per the in-house tests. The mats are shockproof and durable. The mats protect operators from electric shocks. Easy cleaning and maintenance of the mats is something that has made them popular. The electric mats are available in beautiful designs and colors for an aesthetic appeal.

Electrical purposes require quality rubber mat for application in electrical purpose. The electrical rubber mats have been recommended highly by the customers for ensuring the safety of workmen. The premium brand for Insulating Rubber Mats according to IS 5424:1969. Electrical hazards are highly prevented due to the usage of the rubber mats. The latest Indian Standard, that is, IS 15652:2006 is identical for electrical insulation.


Duratuf makes sure that any complaints from the side of the customers are resolved within 4-48 working hours. The deliveries are made according to the committed time schedules. The utilization of Customer Relationship Management or CRM help to provide regular updates and feedback to the customers. The team of Duratuf is the backbone of the system. The team is continuously trained and monitored in order to provide all the details timely to the clients. Duratuf is a supplier of insulating mats which are utilized for electrical purpose. The mats are the most popular according to IS 15652 to the internationally acclaimed Mats. The internationally acclaimed ones are according to IEC 61111 and the ASTM D 178.

The elastomer is used along with anti-skid aberrations on the top to prevent slippage. The elastomer also provides a smooth lower surface. The Electrical insulation mats come in a thickness of 2mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. The use voltage or the working influences the thickness of the insulating mats. The insulating mats are supplied with Manufacturer’s Test Certificate. The Electrical Insulating Mats offer floor covering with specifications mentioned according to the recent Indian or International standard.


The IS : 15652 Superseding IS : 5424/69 was established way back in 2007. The IS : 15652 has been introduced with the futuristic view of advancement in the technical field. the Industrial Safety Parameters have been made stringent with the establishment of the IS : 15652. The life of the Electricians and the other Technical staff is safeguarded with Insulating Mats for Electrical Purpose. Technicians work on AC and DC installations. Accidental current leakage is common while working in such conditions. Hence, the demand for the insulating mats has increased.

Natural rubber is the material utilized for the insulating rubber. The insulating rubber mats are available within a thickness of 6mm to 25mm. The material for the Insulating Rubber Mats is adept in electrical resistance and mechanical properties. The standard size of the rubber mats is 1M x 2M with design ranging between Checkered to Fluted. The supply of the rubber mats is provided after the conduction of proper tests.

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