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Use Insulating Mats for Electrical Purpose and get best results

For decades non-biodegradable tires have been on the blacklist of environmentalists. A certain solution is to replace conventional tire materials with a modern synthetic rubber which can easily degrade back to the chemical building blocks and reused in new tires and other products. The mats provide a comfortable, surefooted surface that helps to eliminate wet, slippery floors caused by tracking in mud, dirt, and water. The mats can be mounted on the surface and recessed as well.

The team of insulating mats sells rubber mats in a wide range of colors and materials to develop the building design.

Certain properties of Insulating Mats

· Shockproof - The mats are shockproof and durable.

· Act as Personal Protective Equipment or PPE - The mats protect operators from electric shocks.


· Easy cleaning – Effortless maintenance of the mats is something that has made them popular.

· Available in varieties - The electric mats are available in beautiful designs and colors for an aesthetic appeal.


Insulation Matting with the latest Indian Standards

Electrical Insulating Mats are utilized to cover the flooring below the control panels. The latest Indian Standard, i.e, IS 15652:2006 is kept in mind while manufacturing the mats. The Insulating Mats have high voltage. Workers might install or operate electrical equipment due to the possibility of leakage of current. The safety of the workers is ensured with the help of the Electrical Insulation Mats. The elastomer is latex, rubber, and elastomeric compounds which can be natural, synthetic, or a mixture of both.


Certification of Insulation Mats

Insulating Mats is a certified organization according to ISO 9001:2015. The widest range of safety mats is presented here. The electrical mats conform to the respective standards as per the in-house tests.


Exclusive benefits

The added advantages of the electrical mats have been focussed on.

· Resistance to tear

The Electrical Rubber Mats display good resistance property measuring 18 N/mm (min.)


· Insulation from electricity

The insulating mats exhibit electrical insulation measuring 160 mA/m2 (max.)

· Elongation at Break (E.B.) is optimum

The elongation at break is a whopping value of two-hundred percent at minimum range.

The Joint Standards Australia and New Zealand mention the AS/NZS 2978-1995 Standard. The Standard is incorporated by the Joint Committee during the manufacture of Insulation Matting. The mattings come in two different kinds:


· The thicker mats of Class A are helpful for common purpose applications.

· The mats which are considerably lighter belong to Class B for indoor usage.

Electrical purposes require quality rubber mat for application in electrical purpose. The electrical rubber mats have been recommended highly by the customers for ensuring the safety of workmen. The premium brand for Insulating Rubber Mats according to IS 5424:1969. Electrical hazards are highly prevented due to the usage of rubber mats.


Customized solutions from Insulation Mats

The manufacturers of Insulation matting make sure that any complaints from the side of the customers are resolved within 4-48 working hours. The deliveries of Insulation Mats are made according to the committed time schedules. The utilization of Customer Relationship Management or CRM help to provide regular updates and feedback to the customers.


Why Choose Insulating Mats

The insulating mattings work with:

· Ready stock at the warehouses

· The delivery is on time and one of the fastest in the industry.

· High quality at affordable prices

The team of Insulation mats

The team of insulation matting is the backbone of the system. The team is continuously trained and monitored in order to provide all the details to the clients timely. The suppliers of insulating mats distribute them for the electrical purpose. The most popular mats are according to IS 15652. The internationally acclaimed ones are according to IEC 61111 and the ASTM D 178.


Services offered by Insulating Mats

The Electrical Insulation Mats is an Indian Rubber and Plastic Products provider for a huge range of industrial products and related services encompassing Mechanical and Material Handling Applications.

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