Duratuf is the premium brand for electrical rubber insulating mats. The High Voltage insulating mats have been manufactured according to the Indian Standard 5424:1969. The team of Duratuf offers premium quality rubber mat for electrical purposes. The electrical rubber mat is highly recommended for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards. The electrical rubber mats are highly economical and suitable for general purposes. The technology of Duratuf recommends the use of Insulated Rubber Mats according to the latest Indian Standard, that is, IS 15652:2006 for electrical insulation.

Description of the Material utilized in the electrical rubber insulating mats

The material utilized in the insulating rubber mat is made out of natural rubber having proper electrical resistance and mechanical properties. The insulation mats are available from 6mm to 25mm thickness. The standard availability of sizes comes within a range of 1M x 2M. The designs for the rubber insulating mats range from the Checkered or the Fluted Design. The Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is also provided along with the supply.


Area of application of electrical rubber insulating mats

The area of application of the electrical rubber insulating mats is near the HT/LT Control Panels. Apart from this, the electrical Substations also utilize the insulated rubber mats. The transformers, the generator and the lift rooms also use the rubber insulating mats. The insulating mats are used in front of switchboards as well.

Tested electrical mats

The ISO 9001:2015 certified organization supplies the widest range of safety mats for the electrical insulating purpose according to the latest Indian and International Standards. The electrical mats are tested in-house for the conformance to the respective standards. The best shock proof mats are offered by the team of Duratuf. The tough long lasting electrical safety mats are designed to protect operators from electrical hazards. The safety mats are easy to clean and maintain. The widest range of safety mats is available in several designs and colors for aesthetic appeal.


The 3 T’s of Duratuf

The strength of Duratuf products lie in the 3T’s. With the strength of the 3T’s, the team of Duratuf is able to deliver electrical mats to provide fast quotes, make on time deliveries, collect feedback and fulfill the needs of the customers. The factor of time maintenance is necessary because time is a very costly resource. All the customer queries and complaints are resolved within 4-48 working hours. The team of Duratuf also ensures that the deliveries are made within the committed time schedules.


The Technology and Tools of Duratuf Products

The aspect of technology represents the technical innovations made by the team of Duratuf. The utilization of the latest IT technology and the tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource planning or ERP help to provide fast and regular updates and feedback to customers. The team of Duratuf which has been mentioned in the beginning is the backbone of the system. The team of Dyratuf is continuously trained and monitored in order to provide the clients with all the relevant information and details promptly.


The team of Duratuf manufactures Electrical Insulating Mat generally utilized for covering the floor below the control panels. The high voltage insulating mats are manufactured according to the latest Indian Standard, that is, IS 15652:2006. The insulating mat offered by the team of Duratuf is mainly utilized for the safety of workers while installing and operating electrical equipment because of the possibility of leakage of current.

Properties of electrical insulating mats

The electrical insulating mats are manufactured by utilizing elastomer (latex, rubber and elastomeric compounds which may be natural, synthetic or a mixture of both) along with anti-skid aberrations on the top to avoid slippage and smooth lower surface. The electrical insulating mats are available in 2mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm thickness. The thickness depends upon the working or use voltage. The manufacturer’s test certificate is also provided along with the supply of the electrical insulating mats.


The electrical insulating mats can be applied near the areas where the HT/LT Control Panels are located. The mats are used in the electrical substations as well. The transformers, the generator and the lift rooms also use the electrical insulating mats to protect the workmen from all kinds of electrical hazard.

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