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What are the outstanding features of these mats in correspondence with the other insulating mats?

While we wonder why the mats are required the answer to this question is the requirement of these mats are very much recommended against the safety of the workmen.

As there are possibilities of a highly voltage electrical current passing through them, these rubber mats prevent them from getting any kind of shocks and being very much affordable, they are preferred by the workers from all over the country.


The kind of material which is used in the insulating rubber sheets is the natural rubber, thereby possessing very good resistance to electricity and high mechanical strength.

Now we come to the thickness of the rubber. The thickness of these rubber sheets usually ranges between 6mm to 25mm with a perfect size of 1m X 2m.
Sometimes the buyers wonder about the designs, so these kind of rubber sheets are available in the checkered or fluted design. They are always in-house tested before being launched into the market so the manufacturer’s test certificate is always provided along with the supply of these mats.


Do the data represent very much typical values?

The answer to this question is very much yes. The variables are one of the important factors in the performance of the product and thereby this kind of information totally serves as a guideline for the consumers.


All kinds of disclaimer are given before the consumer go for these sheets and that is why these rubber sheets are preferred by the workers and the operators from all over the world.

Some of the interesting features of the rubber sheets in correspondence with the insulating mats are as follows:

  • The rubber mats have high tensile and mechanical strength.
  • They are made from a special rubber compound as the natural rubber is totally free from any kind of insertion.
  • In correspondence with the high voltage insulating mats, these mats have a maximum elongation at break and serve as the same motive of protecting the workers from getting any kind of electrical shocks.
  • These mats hare generally resistant to chemicals like acids, alkalis.
  • They are totally water and moisture proof.
  • The high voltage insulating mats followed by the rubber mats have generally a high working temperature.
  • These mats also have very high manufacturing tolerance and can extinguish fire within a few seconds.
  • The working temperature of these mats generally range from -10 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius.

Even though they have the same quality or the features, is the insulating mat different from the rubber mat?

Both the insulating mats and the rubber mats have the same type of the features or the qualities as explained above; however, they are little different from each other.


The insulating mats are made with the blending of the synthetic and the natural rubber whereas the rubber mat is only made out of the natural rubber.
The thickness of the rubber mats generally range from 2mm, 2.5mm to 3mm while rubber mats have more.
They are actually manufactured with the help of elastomer a PVC compound with impeccable anti-skid aberrations to avoid the slippage.

Although these differences are mandatory as both of these mats should be a little different from each other so that the workers or the operators get to choose their materials according to their convenience.

The applications of these mats are always the same. Let us go through some of the applications of these mats:

  • They are used near the control panels.
  • They are totally used near the electrical substations.
  • They are used near transformers and the generators.
  • They are applied to the lift rooms and they are used in front of the switchboards.
  • They are used around the bus bars and near the outdoor and the indoor on-site use on the equipment.

Only these mats are used near the switchboards or there are other mattings?

Not only these mats are used for the switchboards, the switchboard matting where the voltage does not exceed between the conductors are used and preferred by the workers from all over the world.


There are two classes of the mat which is totally available that is the class A mat which is used for general purposes and the class B mat which is used for the indoor purposes.

So yes, we totally come to the conclusion of how these mats are used and preferred by all kinds of consumers from all over the world. 

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