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What Are The Various Things To Know About Rubber Mat For Electrical Safety

Rubber is very good for electric insulation, as one knows it. For safeguarding the person from the electric shocks, rubber mat for electrical panel is highly recommended. At the control panel and substations, rubber mats are often used by the users.

To prevent the completed circuit when the current flow in the human body, the main purpose of the rubber mat is to insulate and cover the floors from the electrical path away to the earth. When the panel performs the electrical task, it can save the life of the users.


By following the electrical regulation specification and standard, the manufacturers guarantee rubber mats have a suitable quality. To prevent any death or injuries, when electrical shock occurs, one needs to check the shape and condition of the rubber mats.

Standard And Construction Of The Mats

The ASTM standard D- 178 specifies the construction, design, and testing needs for the rubber mats, as manufacturers provide some of the excellent quality rubber for manufacturing the mats. From class 0 to 4, rubber mats are available in five voltage classes. At the site, it depends on voltage application.


One needs to check and make sure that it must be marked with the name of the manufacturer, class, and type when one needs to use the mats for electrical panel safety.

On the rubber mats, the ASTM – D 178 logo must appear. On every 3 feet to 1 meter, the marking is placed.


How And When To Use The Mats

One needs to place the mats in front of control panels, switchboard and distribution board, where there is a possibility of electrical shocks. For lessening and prevent the electrical shocks, rubber mats are additional protective equipment.


Before beginning any electrical operations, it is necessary to check the condition of the rubber mats. One should rely on the rubber mats since these mats can give 100% security. When performing the tasks, one should perform a suitable electrical PPE.

Minimizing The Accidents

Often there can be accidents, and fall in the workplace. Hence, it is necessary to employ safety mats on the floors. The mats eradicate the risk of someone falling on the wet surfaces when the mats are properly placed in the workplace.


There can spill of water, which is often seen in the building. Often there can be accidents, due to such spills. For absorbing such shocks, the mats are designed by the manufacturer. 

Decrease Stress

Often there can be a stress if persons are standing for long periods. For increasing some of the stress, many types of mats are designed by the manufacturer. The mats less and concentrate on the task at hand, when workers are comfortable performing the tasks.


Minimizing The Damage Of The Material

In the workplace, it is difficult to prevent human errors. The material damage can be eradicated if someone places a mat on the floor. The mat will absorb the shock if a delicate material is dropped on the mat.


Stopping The Fatigue

For the factories and warehouses, the mats are a very good solution. These mats are designed for safety and what is exactly what the mats do. For the workers, they provide a comfortable place to stand. Hence it protects the workers from daily accidents and fall downs.


Increasing Productivity

For the workers to work safely, these mats are very important. Often the workers will not face any accidents, and the productivity will get increased at the same time. Often if the workers stand on the mats, the production level will seriously increase.


These mats will keep the workers healthy, and there will be no problems for the employees.

What Are Features Of Insulating Mats?

There are some of the features of electrical insulating mats, which are denoted below:

  • These mats are qualitative
  • These mats are long-lasting
  • The mats are highly durable and excellent flexible.
  • Manufacturers provide the standard design for the mats, and these mats are fluted and checkered in design also.

Applications Of The Mats

  • These mats are user-friendly and economical.
  • These mats are good safety equipment for the workers and engineers.
  • These mats used for the unloading and LPG loading, as the mats have good mechanical properties.

With good features and lots of applications, one can surely gain good benefits from the mats.

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