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What Makes Shock Proof Mats So Effective? Find It Out

For the safeguard of electrocution and workers, one needs to install the insulating mat at the work station. For providing insulation to the workers, the mat is installed in the work stations.

To safeguard the employees from coming into direct contact with the floor, one can use the mat, thereby stopping any probable electrical shock.


While available in various shapes and sizes, one can make sure that the mat is used in multiple types of applications. Due to the accessibility, one can use the mat.

Installation Of The Mats

• Very easy to install

• Where the electrical machinery is involved, one needs to place the mat on the floor.


Application Area:

Since the mat has contributed to the security and safety of the various industries, which has electrical involvement, the mat has been considered as one of the best products.


One can use the mat in high voltage panels, power plants, electrical substations, and transmission rooms. Often employees have to work close to the wires and electrical panels and hence the mats installed in the various electrical power plants, power transmission rooms, high voltage panels, and electrical substations.

While various types of mats are found in the market, all the mats serve one common purpose: Safety of the workers.


Guaranteeing The Safety Of The Workers

Just nearly the electrical panels, one can install the mats so it can safeguard the workers. With circuit boards and substantial gadgets, an electric discharge can be a hazard in the workplace, and hence, one can install the mats for safety.


If the electricity produced via friction has immersed nature, even larger servers are put in danger. If one installs the mats, then it can safeguard the workers from the shocks. If people are around the high voltage electric tools, and if the release is highly effective, then people can get shocks.

Hence, it is necessary to install the mats since the effect of shock is very high. Finding the appropriate arrangement can be helpful in such senses. The importance of the mats lies in this place. The mats can help to restrict the possible electrical shocks.


Construction Of Mats

The manufacturers keep in mind that the mats should be free of any insertions and are high electrical resistant. It is due to this reason; the insulated rubber mats are manufactured with good quality latex and elastomeric compounds or a mixture of both.


Salient Features Of The Mat:

• Complies to IS: 15652 – 2006

• High Dielectric strength

• Good insulation resistance

• Resistant to fire

The mats can withstand movement of instruments involved in foot traffic and electrical equipment and have excellent physical properties.


• If needed, can be installed/ pasted on the floor

• Moisture and waterproof

• Withstands both DC and AC electrical installations

• Shows good tensile strength and elongation properties

While providing unique industrial material, the mats are made of other kinds of polymers or rubber. While there are various steps, like curing, calendaring, testing, etc., the fabrication of the mats is very complicated.


The main function of the mats is to provide insulation between the ground and the person. While there is high resistance in the path of the electricity, it safeguards the person from the direct contact of earth.


• There is variation in the tensile strength.

• While tending insulation, the mats are made of other types of insulation polymers, PVC and rubber.


• There is very low leakage of current since the mats cab absorbs most of the currents.

• These mats have an elongation of a break about 250%, as the mats cannot break up easily.


• It can get great insulation resistance, according to test reports.

• There is a normal temperature range for the mats, as the mats working temperature ranges from – 10 to 55 degrees C.


Benefits Of The Mats

When it comes to the insulating mats for electrical purpose, there are several benefits which are as follows:


• While stopping the person from electric shocks, the mats provide insulation

• While being moisture-proof, the mats are resistant to water.

• In the presence of any of acids, oil and alkali proof, the mats can work very well.


With great attributes, these mats can function effectively and can help the workers to work safely in a sound way. But before buying, one needs to check the characteristics so that nothing goes wrong.

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