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Why are these unique mattings required?

The rubbers incorporated with the insulating mats are totally recommended for the safety of the workers or the operators against the electrical shocks. These products are very much affordable and suitable for general uses.

The company provides the customers with then perfect kind of rubber mats for electrical purpose as these mats are totally made up of natural rubber which have very high mechanical properties followed by a very good electrical resistance. The manufacturers make sure that the rubber sheets are found in fluted or checkered design and they are always in the house tested as the test certificate is absolutely delivered along with the proper supply.
The thickness of the rubber sheets totally ranges from 6mm to 25mm with a standard size of 1m X 2m.


Some of the basic features of the rubber mats are as follows:

  • The strength of the rubber mats is very high.
  • The top quality of the rubber mat is found at extremely reasonable prices.
  • The temperature by which the rubber mats operate is 0 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius.
  • The compression set of 10% is maintained with the help of insulating rubber mats.
  • The rubber mat is made with the help of the natural rubber which is very much free from any kind of insertion.
  • The rubber mats are used for much kind of purposes like transformers, generators or the lift rooms.

Why the insulating mats are usually required?

The insulating mats for electrical purpose are generally needed because of the main motive that it provides total safety to the workers from getting fatal injuries or the electric shocks.


These electrical anti-skid rubber mats are designed in such a way so that it avoids the slippage and the transmission is reduced to a great extend.
These mats are absolutely fluted in design which enables in providing safety from high voltage, power transformation, and the electrical substations. The moisture is totally removed and that is why the insulation matting is required which makes it absolutely suitable for flooring conditions and the pathways.

Some of the features of the insulating mats are as follows:

  • They are flame retardant
  • They can absolutely bear and withstand heavy load followed by the movement of the trolley.
  • This mat is totally required because it gives total resistance to the acids or the chemicals like alkalis and oils.
  • This matting provides high tensile and mechanical strength.
  • As explained above it is totally water and moisture proof.
  • There is no such association of metallic compounds and it is extremely compatible for both of the AC and the DC electrical installations.
  • The elongation properties are totally excellent and outstanding.
  • They are totally made from a superior quality of elastomers.

Why mattings are required?

The mattings are usually required because of many of the reasons. They are:

The mats actually remove all kinds of dirt, moisture, additional dust particles and all kinds of impurities thereby providing safety to the workers. With the help of the improved air quality, the workers or the operators are totally saved from having high voltage electric shocks.

  • Providing safety

The matting products are very much durable and flexible with standard backing and edging which totally ensure that the mats are totally secured in these places.


The moisture is totally dried and the dirt is aggressively scraped off and therefore the total safety is improved for reducing the situations of accidents related to the slip and fall.

They are placed in front of the switchgear or the motor control centers followed by the very high voltage electric apparatus to offer very much personal protection to the workers opr the operators. They are also used for adding or replacing the conductors.

  • The mattings which are totally used near the applications like transformers, generators, lift rooms or the switchboards are known as switchboard matting.


So we come to know the importance of the insulation mats and how these mattings are required to keep everything in place with the main motive of protecting the operators or the workers from getting high voltage electric current.

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