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Why Electrical Mats Give The Best Possible Results? Check It Out

For decades, environmentalists have blacklisted non- biodegradable tires. While reused in new tires and other products, a certain solution is applied to the chemical building blocks.

For eradicating slippery and wet floors, the insulating mats provide a sure foot and comfortable surface. Often on the industrial area, the floors tracked in water and dirt, and hence one needs to use the mats. While one can recess the mat, one can mount the mats on the surface.


Properties Of The Mat

• The mats are durable and shockproof

• There is effortless maintenance of the mats

• Acts as a personal protective equipment

• For aesthetic appeal, the mats are available in beautiful colors and designs.


• Matches with the latest Indian Standards

For covering the control and flooring panels, the mats are used by industrialists. Keeping in mind, the latest Indian Standard, the mats are manufactured. These mats have high voltage.


Due to the possibility of leakage of current, the workers need to install in the electrical units. With the help of the mats, the safety of the workers is ensured. Often the mats are manufactured with rubber, latex, which can be synthetic, natural or a mixture of both.

Exclusive Benefits

• Insulation from electricity

• Resistance to tear

• Elongation at break is optimum

Various Types Of Mats

It is necessary to know the needs before buying the rubber mats. While used in the commercial establishment, a mat is required for home and industrial arena. While the same is not recommended for the industrial place, one can choose the fancy mat for the home.


Since there are lots of activities in the industrial area, hence it is necessary to use a mat for places. The mat is used for the offices, shop, and homes.

The mats need regular cleaning. In the industrial sector, where there is less traffic, one can use the mats. While avoiding falling and slipping, the use of mats is done extensively.


Protecting the Surface

For minimizing the maintenance cost of flooring, these mats are used which can improve the safety standards. When less dirt and dust are coming inside of the house, the floor carpet remains well maintained.


The mats are very suitable, where there are greasy floors. For the cooking area, the mats are manufactured which provides special grease resistant.

For Vehicle Purposes

For vehicles, buying the mats is not a difficult job. One needs to know the model of the car if one is buying the mats which are ready to install. For the car, there are customized mats also.


For avoiding falling and slipping on the car, the mats are recommended. Making it suitable for the places where it is difficult to reach for cleaning, and high traffic area, a mat made of rubber is easy to clean.

The mat is also known for minimizing fatigue of workers who are standing and working in the industrial floors. The mats can be used in substations, transformer rooms, in front of electrical boxes, and control panels, in front of switchboards and many other places.


Benefits Of The Mats

When it comes to the insulation mats, there are lots of benefits which one cannot deny at any stage. These benefits are as follows:


• When measured with 500 V megger, there is a high electrical insulation resistance of 10, 00, 000 mcg.

• Under the leakage current of 10mA, the mats are 100% shockproof?

• The mats are fire retardant

• There is no effect of alkali, acid, transformer oil, and diesel on the mats.

• The mats are moisture-proof

• The mats are easy to clean

• The mats can be pasted

• For enduring good mechanical properties, there are elongation and high tensile properties.

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