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Why The Electrical Mats Are So Vital For Industry?

The non-biodegradable tires are blacklisted by the environment, for decades. A certain solution is applied by the manufacturers when manufacturing the electrical insulating mats. These mats are often made from the tires.

The mats provide a comfortable surface and provide safety from the electrical shocks from the electrical machinery. The mats are mounted on the surface, while one can recess the mats.


Properties Of The Mats

Act As PPE- These mats act protective equipment, from electrical shocks.

Shock Proof – The mats are shockproof and durable.

Available in various sizes- The electrical mats are available in various designs and beautiful colors. For aesthetic appeal, the mats are quite good.


Easy to clean- One can afford to maintain the mats, due to its manufacturing quality.

Maintenance As Per Standard

One can use the mats, to cover the flooring and control panels. Manufacturers keep the Indian standard in mind when manufacturing the mats. Workers need to install the mats, due to leakage of current. The mats keep them safe from the possibility of leakage of current.


There is a complete guarantee of safety from the electrical shocks, with such mats. The manufacturers manufacture the mats, with a mixture of both natural and synthetic rubber.

Why The Mats Are Handy

Manufacturers manufacture electrical mats as per IEC 61111: 2002 so that there can be complete safety against electrical shock. Due to the existence of unearthed electrical earth faults, the electrical shock appears.


One can use the mats, in front of electrical panels and switchgear. For indoor and outdoor applications, the mats are very suitable. For the workers, the mats can create a safe environment.


To the low seepage of currents, these mats offer a huge amount of resistance. For general weathering, ozone, and UV rays, these mats are simply perfect. There are other uses, which are as follows:

  • Fire resistant
  • Acid and oil resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Halogen-free flame retardant
  • Hydrophobic in nature
  • These mats are available for users, with voltage applications.
  • There is a higher breakdown voltage, in lesser thickness.
  • The mats are available in continuous rolls.
  • The thickness variation from the 2- 7 mm, as per voltage applications


It is critical to make sure that there is a good amount of cushioning on the floors, for all those employees who are working on hard surfaces. Hence, the insulated rubber mats not only make sure that the workers are comfortable but also helps to prevent accidents from electrical shocks.


These mats will never create any pressure on the bones and at the same time, are slip-resistant.

Security And Safety

For the people who are walking therein, the manufacturers design such mats which are very safe for them. One can select a wide variety of options, right from the basic mats to the specialized ones. Manufacturers design such mats based on the protection and safety of the workers on the premises.


Long Life Service

As a one-time investment, one needs to buy the mats. One can stay assured that they would on providing the needed support for a very long time, once one install the mats.



When it comes to rubber mats, the mats are manufactured with a special rubber. These mats prove to be cheaper in comparison to the other related options available, as one considers the mats as a great option for industrial floors.


It provides additional benefits, as manufacturers provide no adhesives in most of the cases for the installation of mats.


With features like oil and heat resistant, grease and acid-proof and heat and fireproof as well, these mats are great for the industrial arena. Often one can use the insulation mats for the various areas, which are given below.


In front of the switchboard

By installing the mats in front of the switchboard, one can provide a guarantee to the workers. Hence if the workers in electrical units, where space is small they can safeguard themselves.


At Electrical Sensitive Machine Rooms

In such sensitive areas, where there is a high chance of electrical current leakage, one can use the mats with great purpose.


Hence, it is essential to one to check all the details of the mats. There are certain properties, which one needs to consider and at the same check out the features.

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